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StrokeWatch 2010

Guess who showed up at the Boathouse!

12/23/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 12:46 am

Santa made an appearance at the boathouse early in the morning on December 19th, and he even traded his sleigh for the coxswain seat on the great eight.

More pictures from the great event can be seen here.

BARC Holiday Party

12/23/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 12:38 am

Many BARC members found their way to Pearland on December 12 where Marilyn and Preston opened their fancily decorated home for the annual holiday party. It was also a good-bye party for Pam who will be moving to Florida at the end of the year. Pam has been a member of BARC since 1994 and she has been a big profile in the club, having served on the board and helped the club in many capacities. We will especially remember her for all the years she has hosted the annual holiday parties at her home. We wish her the best of luck with her new career.

November Challenge Results

12/05/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 10:14 am

The seasonal change in weather seems to have greatly reduced the rowing activity on Mud Lake:

The count of logged kilometers dropped from last month’s high of 3871 to just 1712 in November. The month’s winner was once again Carlos, who logged 355 kilometers. He was followed by Greg who had 275. Anke and Ryan logged “only” 110 each, but they still lead the main competition with 2191 and 2117, respectively.

Full results can be viewed by clicking here.

Tom Lotz wins Jack Franklin Service Award

11/18/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 9:58 pm

The following has been re-posted from the November USRowing newsletter:

The Jack Franklin Service Award is given to a referee for his or her lifetime contribution to the sport. This year’s recipient is Tom Lotz. A graduate of Syracuse University and a participant at the 1956 Olympic Trials, Lotz has been a licensed referee since 1990. Over the years, Lotz has served as the Southeast regional representative to the USRowing Referee Committee, chair of the USRowing Referee Committee and as an instructor at the USRowing Referee College. He has coordinated numerous programs that have increased the number of new referees in the Southeast region and developed a core of referees in Texas that are self-sufficient for area regattas. Lotz has refereed at 20 IRA Regattas and has served as the lead umpire at the Head of the Charles. He is a founding member of the Bay Area Rowing Club of Houston and was the sports director for the Houston 2012 Foundation, which prepared Houston’s bid for the 2012 Olympics. In 2002, he was honored with Syracuse University’s Varsity Club Letterwinner of Distinction. Lotz is a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army with 24 years of service.

Head of the Oyster

11/14/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 1:58 pm

When the 2010 Marathon Championships in Louisiana was cancelled due to low water, our friends at Greater Houston Rowing Club decided to arrange the first ever “Head of the Oyster” regatta at Oyster Creek in Sugar Land on November 13. Seven BARC rowers decided to take up the challenge of rowing a 5K race on the very winding, and in places, narrow course.

Other clubs attending the race were Fort Worth Rowing Club, Rowing Club of the Woodlands, and - of course - GHRC.

The BARC rowers did very well, with Greg and Carlos winning their race in the MO2X. Greg, Carlos, Hannes and Alex took Bronze in the MM4X. Ryan and Anke took gold in the Mix2X, and finally Greg, Emily, Anke, Ryan and Carlos as the Cox won the MixO4+

More pictures can be seen here.

Head of he Hooch Regatta 2010

11/12/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 9:40 am

By Anke Hielscher

A record number of 9,248 rowers and coxswains in 1,922 boats competed at the Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga, Tennessee, making it the largest regatta in the Southeast and the second largest regatta in the country. Five of these were BARC rowers who competed in the MxO2x, MxO4x, WM2x, WO4x, and MM2-.

The venue was beautiful and the conditions were great (minus the layer of ice on the boats in the morning). In the MxO4x competition, Lisa, David, Ryan and Anke won the bronze medal; in the MxO2x race, Lisa and David finished in 6th place and Ryan and Anke won their second bronze medal. This perfectly organized regatta was once again a great experience.

Full results from the regatta can be viewed at:

October Challenge Results

11/06/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 5:41 pm

The records continue to fall in this very busy rowing season. 3871 kilometers were recorded for the month. Two rowers, Carlos and Greg, set personal records by each logging 555 kilometers, and they are now over a 1000 k for the year, despite not having started to row until June.

YTD leaders are still Anke and Ryan, they have now rowed over 2000 k for the year. Also, worth noting is that 8 rowers are now over 1000 k. Last year only 3 rowers passed that mark for the entire year.

The complete results are posted here.

BARC Halloween Rowers

10/31/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 7:04 pm

We recieved the following e-mail and picture from a resident of South Shore Harbour:

Hello BARC,

It was great to see the holloween rowers Sunday morning from our apartment at South Shore Harbor. Thought you’d like some photos, looks like soooo much fun!

Jennifer Briggs

BARCers Bring Medals Home From Austin

Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 6:58 pm

Nine BARC rowers participated in the Pumpkin Head Regatta in Austin this past weekend, and they raked home lots of medals:

Carlos and Greg started by winning the Men’s Open Double by with more than a minutes margin to their closest competitors.

Next, Hannes and Alex won the bronze medal in the Masters Double, and then the two teams combined into a Master’s Quad in the very next flight and they appropriately enough took 2nd place to win a silver medal. It should be noted that they had the 2nd fastest time of all the men’s quads, open and masters.

Later in the day, a BARC coxed four, consisting of Greg, Anke, Ryan and Emily, coxed by Carlos, took 2nd place. This was Emily’s first ever rowing race, and they won the silver despite a seat jumping the tracks at start and staying off for the entire race.

The last medals of the day came in an all-BARC showdown in the Mixed Double between Anke/Ryan and Lisa/David. Anke and Ryan took the gold, Lisa and David the silver.

All in All a very productive day for BARC racers.

All results from the regatta can be seen by following this link.

October 23, 2010

10/25/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 3:50 pm

A lot that went on this past weekend at BARC. Above is a picture from the scramble held this Saturday AM 23 Oct 10, and below is The Barc Great 8’s own Larry Price…does it look like he came in first?

BARC actually did have representation at the Head of the Charles in Boston: Lisa Tagaki and David Nutt competed in the "Director’s Challenge Double Mixed". They completed the 5K course in 22:16:709.

Kilometer Challenge Results for September

10/04/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 2:22 am

September was yet another record month for Kilometers recorded at BARC: 2774 were logged!

As usual, Anke and Ryan led the pack, Anke with 301K for the month, Ryan with 261. Carlos did some long weekend rows, and recorded 250K.

The year-to-date top 5 at the end of September were:

  1. Anke Hielscher, 1780K
  2. Ryan Chambers, 1706K
  3. Tom Tupalo, 1070K
  4. Hannes Hofer, 951K
  5. Alex Parkman, 882K

The full results can be seen here.

New BARC Doubles are Here

10/03/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 11:40 am

The 2 new Vespoli doubles arrived this week. Above, Hannes and Greg make the final pitch adjustments to the rigging. The lightweight yelow double is a Vespoli Performer M29 115-145 lb weight class, and the white heavyweight one is a Vespoli Performer M33 180-210 lb weight class. Below is a picture of the heavyweight double returning from its maiden voyage.

September 2010 Rowing Scramble

09/25/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 6:48 pm

We had another good turn-out for the 2nd Rowing Scramble, held in the evening of September 23 2010. 16 rowers with various level of experience went out in an eight, a double and several singles. The eight even got challenged for a race against a double (we won’t say who won). After the row, several of the rowers went to Boondoggle’s for a very deserved brew and a burger. Stay tuned for the next Rowing Scramble in October.

Kilometer Challenge Results for August 2010

09/01/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 8:10 pm

August was the busiest month in the nearly 5 years we have been keeping records. A total of 2630 kilometers were logged, five rowers logged over 200 kilometers, and four of them logged over 250.

Tom Tupalo logged 260K, and that is most rowed in a month in 2010 by anybody. Tom’s productivity also meant that Hannes finally had to relinquish his 3rd place in the overall competition, so the order of Top 5 is now 1. Anke (1479), 2. Ryan (1445), 3. Tom T. (870), 4. Hannes (794), 5. Alex (745).

The complete results can be seen here.

August Sculling Class

08/30/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 9:19 pm

Please welcome our newest members who participated in the August Sculling Class. From l to r, Victor and Patricia Mulanovich, Patty Jeffers, Jenna Newcomb (Ben’s daughter) and Emily Wood (Greg’s wife).

For the 2010 season, a total of 27 people participated in our Try It You’ll Like It classes and 20 took our full 8 hour Sculling Class. So far, 9 have continued their membership with BARC!

Please plan to attend the upcoming Rowing Scrambles. It’s a great way to meet our newest members. Scrambles are scheduled for Thursday, September 23rd at 6:00pm and Saturday, October 23rd at 7:30am.

Thanks to all of the BARC members who helped teach the classes this year!


Helen Tompkins

08/15/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 12:25 pm

Helen, seen here in bow seat (1st from right), in her U23 Quad.

Helen Tompkins, who got her start as a rower at BARC, continues her success on the national and international rowing scenes. In May, she ended her college career with a 2nd place at the NCAA National Championships. Her Virginia Varsity Eight finished just 9/10th of a second behind Yale, and UVA won the over-all point trophy.

After her graduation at UVA, Helen traveled to the Olympic Training Center in San Diego, and later to Princeton, New Jersey where she trained in the 4X with the US Rowing National Team. Later in June, she won the USRowing National Championships in Princeton, stroking her Quadruple Scull (4X) to victory.

Finally, in July, she competed at the Under-23 World Championships at Brest, Belarus - again in the Women’s 4X. After winning the preliminary heat, her boat took 4th place in finals behind Germany, Russia, and Romania. the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place boats finished within 6/10 of a second of each other.

Helen came back to Texas briefly after her overseas trip, but she is now in Washington DC where she trains with the Potomac Boat Club.

Helen’s exploits were recently chronicled in the "The Journal of Friendswood". The article can be read online here.

The BARC Rowing Challenge - July

08/03/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 5:56 am

A total of 2024K was logged for the month. Winner for July is Tom Topalu, who has started his usual summer sprint, he rowed 240K. Leader for the year is still Anke, who rowed some of her July Ks in Germany. She is followed by her rowing partner Ryan. Hannes still managed to hang out to his third place, though he is pressed by Tom Topalu, Alex Parkman, and David Nutt.

The full July results of the BARC Rowing Challenge can be seen here.

July Rowing Scramble

07/18/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 3:41 pm

July 17th’s ” get acquainted rowing scramble ” provided an opportunity for experienced and novice rowers to row and mingle with people outside of their regular crews. Raj, Michelle, Sarah, and Wendy from our recent sculling classes joined with 13 experienced rowers in a fun row this past Saturday.

Above is Tom and Saul with Sarah and Wendy getting ready to take out the quad, and below is the 8 about to leave with Tom and Raj sweeping for the first time and Michelle’s 3rd time sweeping. Lynn was coxing with Theresa stroking the 8 followed by Greg, Michelle, Tom, Hannes, Raj, Ryan, and Anke in bow.

After a lap, Michelle, Raj, and Tom swapped boats for the next lap to allow Sarah and Wendy the sweeping experience. Thanks to all the members who stayed after their scheduled row, and special thanks to Claire who organized the crews and brought breakfast for the social following the fun row.

More pictures from the event can be seen here

Kilometer Challenge Results for June 2010

07/07/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 8:06 pm

June was another busy month at BARC with a total of 1841 Kilometers logged. Anke and Ryan are still leading the pack with 1010 and 960, respectively, for the year. Hannes was barely hanging on to third place with 477, sharply pursued by David Nutt with 461, and Alex Parkman with 440.

The complete results can be seen here.

June Sculling Class

06/30/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 9:15 pm

Please welcome the students from our June Sculling Class! Their Wed night lesson was cancelled due to Hurricane Alex but they will have a make up lesson soon. From l to r, Molly Peters, Marcy Shea, Wendy Haugen, Sarah Roberts, Katheryn Hathaway, and Michael Pontikos. Michael heads to Oxford in September and was eager to learn how to row before heading across the pond.

Dallas B.L.A.S.T Regatta

06/30/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 6:44 am

On June 12th, BARC did great at the Dallas B.L.A.S.T. Regatta winning two gold medals in the Mixed Open Double and in the Mixed Masters Double A-B competition; plus a second place in the Mixed Open Quad in a composite crew with the Aggies. There were more participants from all over Texas and Oklahoma than in years’ past racing on a very hot and windy day. Once again the Aggies were a great support with boat transportation, dock support, and saving us from dehydration.

Kilometer Challenge Results for May 2010

06/09/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 8:49 pm

May was a very busy month for BARC - if measured by the kilometers logged. 1723.0 K were logged for the month - 240 K more than April and 237 K more than May a year ago.

The busiest rowers were, as always, Ryan and Anke 251 and 221 Kilometers respectively, Alex took 3rd place for the month 145.5. Anke still have the overall lead with 810 K, followed by Ryan with 800, and Hannes with 407.

The full list of results can be viewed here.

May Sculling Class

05/26/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 8:40 am

Welcome {from l to r} William, Rai, Robert, Carman, and Nicole, our May sculling class. In the picture above, Theresa is pointing out hazards and obstacles while reviewing the traffic pattern.

Kilometer Challenge Results for April

05/11/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 6:02 am

Once again, Anke and Ryan blew everyone else away in April’s Kilometer Challenge. Anke rowed 171 Kilometer, and Ryan 158. That boosted their total for the year to 589 and 549, respectively. Total logged in April was 1483 kilometer, up from 1009 in March. Complete YTD results can be seen here.

May Try it you’ll like it class

05/08/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 7:42 pm

Claire giving 9 students instruction during the May TIYLI class.

Boats tethered teaching students basic rowing technique.

April Sculling Class

04/28/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 7:46 pm

Please welcome our newest members! They have just completed the April Sculling Class. From l to r, Madi Sengupta, Michelle Kaltenbach, Jason Murasko, and Karsten Lutz.

Welcome New Faces

04/26/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 6:20 am

You may recognize Cheryl and Bruce who have been erging during the winter months each Sunday AM as they were awaiting warmer weather to get on the water.

Having an opportunity to row in a quad is part of BARC’s introduction to rowing, as Lynn & Bruce provide instruction for team rowing.

BARC Kilometer Challenge - March Results

04/07/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 5:43 am

After the first 3 months of 2010, Anke is leading the challenge with 418K, sharply pursued by her doubles partner, Ryan, with 391K. Hannes rounds out the top three with “only” 204K. A total of 2919K has been logged so far 1n 2010 by all BARC rowers, a bit less than the 3102K that was recorded at the same time last year.

Full results can be viewed here.

Mud Lake at Hi Tide this afternoon

03/21/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 7:40 pm

Larry Price took these pictures of the docks this afternoon {March 21, 2010}. After strong North winds all Saturday night and Sunday morning , both docks were sitting on the mud.

This one is from the Space City Sprints Finsh Line - Now you know why they call it Mud Lake!

BARC workday March 20th

03/21/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 6:30 am

On top, Tom & Saul using a small pipe wrench to auger the pole in the mud; on bottom, Anke & Ryan replacing light bulbs.

There are more workday pictures here.

BARC workday March 20th

03/20/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 6:36 pm

This morning {March 20th, 2010} several BARC members volunteered for a workday / boathouse cleanup. After the poles were installed at the end of the new dock and wood strips were nailed on the new ramp to prevent slipping during icy and wet conditions, the boathouse was swept and got a thorough spring cleaning. While some members were cutting bushes, trimming trees, and weed-eating, others were getting the workbench area back in order and still others were replacing burned out light bulbs. In all it was a productive workday at BARC, and we are all appreciative of everyone’s efforts.

BARC at Heart of Texas 2010

03/10/10 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 6:44 am

This past weekend {March 6-7, 2010} Rice, A&M Galveston, and several BARC members participated in the Heart of Texas regatta at Austin. BARC’s doubles competition consisted of Anke & Ryan, Catherine & Hannes, and David & Patty. BARC’s lady’s quad consisted of Anke, Tricia, Patty, & Catherine, and Hannes & Catherine did several single events. The GREAT 8 brought back medals this year, and even though she couldn’t row, Susie Jones was there to cheer for us and the Woodlands. We can thank our friends at Galveston A&M for bringing Rice’s & our boats along with theirs; and an enjoyable time was had by all even though there were times when there was threatening rain.

More Heart of Texas pictures can be seen here.

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