Weather and Lake Condition Guidelines

Current Weather & Wind

The weather station data displayed and linked to this page below originates from a weather reporting station located in/around Seabrook (click 'more details' for precise location and complete weather data). The most important thing to watch is the wind speed and direction. If the wind direction is out of the north or the south and is more than 10 miles per hour, sculling in a single will be pretty rough (and is not recommended). If the wind is out of the east or west, it can blow up to 15 mph, and you may still be able to row, though it will be rough. If the wind speed is in the 15-20 miles per hour range from any direction, you are best off staying on shore no matter which kind of boat you'd planned on rowing. Likewise, if the wind speed is less than 10 miles per hour from any direction, the lake can probably be rowed. Of course, the other things to watch out for are thunderstorms and fog. When the temperature and dew point are close to each other, fog is likely to form. All weather data displayed and linked in this section of this page is sourced from

Seabrook-Area Weather Right Now

Current Temp: deg F
Dew Point: deg F
Wind Speed: mph
Wind Gust: mph
Wind Direction:
Weather Station ID: KTXTAYLO2
Weather Station Name: Timber Cove/Taylor Lake

► More Details

Once you click 'more details,' scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. You can view wind speed/direction measurements from several other near-by stations (e.g. Nassau Bay Fire Station, etc). From there, you can compare readings.

Mud Lake Water Level

The Mud Lake (Pasadena) water level monitor page linked to this page below is located in Clear Lake Park near the north side of NASA Parkway. It displays the current water level. Look at the table on the lower left of the water level monitor page. It shows readings in the past 24 hours with the times read and the levels. From our observations, assuming the water level sensor is working correctly, the water level is too low for launching a boat when it shows 0.5 ft or lower. Large boats may have trouble launching when it is below 0.75 feet. Unfortunately, the station seems to report to the internet less frequently when the level is low, but that too may provide guidance as to what the level is: i.e. if no readings are shown, it is probably because the level is very low.

► Mud Lake Water Level

In general, if the water level reading is at least 1.0 foot, you can row on the lake. However, even if the level indicated is below 1 foot, you may still be able to row and you should check the predicted tidal conditions to get an idea of what the lake level might be.

Tidal Conditions

Due to its shallow depth, Mud Lake is very sensitive to the tidal conditions of Galveston Bay/Clear Lake. Tidal readings/predictions linked to this page below are referenced to Clear Lake Park/Mud Lake. As the tide goes out (i.e. the water level of Mud Lake drops or is predicted to drop on the chart), expect a significant southward current in Mud Lake, especially when docking. The opposite is true when the tide comes in. The chart shows the predicted high/low tide cycle as a function of time. So knowing the time you plan to row, you can check the predicted tide condition for that time. In general, if the reading shown is at/around -0.5, and the tide is going out, the water level is probably too low to row.

► Mud Lake Tidal Conditions

Look for the "+" mark on the chart. That is the current predicted tidal condition for Mud Lake. This is only a predication, and does not factor in wind conditions. A strong north wind will blow the water out of the lake; regardless of what this chart indicates is the tidal level.

No-Row Conditions

It's been said many times: the only weather that counts is the weather at the dock! So, if you're on the dock, these are conditions that you should not row in:

Heavy wind/white caps on the lake
Water level too low (less than 1 blade-depth; 12 to 16 inches)
Lightning (or thunder)

And when in doubt, don't go out!

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