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StrokeWatch 2014

Halloween Row

11/19/14 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 7:07 pm

The Great 8 was having a boo-tiful row on Halloween weekend. The bats were rowing and the witches were were trying to catch them for their witch’s brew!

Summer Party 2014

08/20/14 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 3:36 pm

The Annual Summer Party was filled with friendship, laughter, and lots of fun. Nigel, one of our new rowers, made a Mud Lake cake that was so clever we had to put it on the blog. The boat is upside down, the rower and oar are in the water with an alligator watching and ready to get a “human” meal.

After a delicious meal everyone proceeded out to the pool area to judge the cannonball contest... who could make the biggest splash!!! There are more pics in SP14 album at:

Article by Marilyn Bullard

Fourth of July Row

06/29/14 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 6:43 pm

BARC’s great 8 had a pre-fourth of July row this morning. Our coxswain Marilyn had everyone celebrating with costunes and flags. It was a bit breezy to go out into Clear Lake, but the group enjoyed Mud lake’s calmer waters. See pics below:

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