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StrokeWatch 2012

Christmas Row & Party

12/21/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 7:19 pm

Thanks to Marilyn and Preston for hosting the Holiday party. With lots of great food and deserts, all had a fun time. The white elephant gift exchange provided some interesting surprises, and Bryan donated 2 new wooden oars for our launches.

Santa visited Mud Lake and since there was no snow, urged his reindeer toward the south shore of Clear Lake in the BARC 8, where they sang carols and exchanged Christmas greetings with the early rising residents on that side of the Lake.

Below, the reindeer await the commands "On Comet!, On Cupid, on Donner etc,!"

November 2012 Challenge Results

12/03/12 Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 6:41 am

Despite the warm weather, it appears that BARCers are already winding down for winter: Only about 1/4 of the membership, 26, logged kilometers in November for a total of 1525 k, down from 1888 in October.

The usual suspects led the charge: Anke is the winner for the month with 185 k, followed by Greg with 148. Emily came in 3rd with 130 k. Anke also leads the overall competition with 2430 k YTD, followed by Greg with 1742. Hannes is in third with 1381 kilometers. See the full results here.

October 2012 Challenge Results

11/08/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 6:46 am

October was another “light” month at BARC, where 35 rowers logged a total of 1888 kilometers, down from 2047 in September. The usual suspects led the way, with Cory being the top scorer for the month with 181k, followed by Greg with 170, and Anke with 167. For the year, Anke is still leading with 2246k, followed by Greg with 1594 and Hannes with 1286. Full results can be seen here.

October Sculling Class

10/14/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 8:30 pm

Please welcome our October Sculling Class participants. They are off to a great start! From l to r, Rodney Allen (husband of new member Hannah), Will Reed, Liz Warren, and Ryan Jacobsen. Not pictured, Brooke Barnett (husband of new member Audrey)

Thanks to Greg, Dennis, and David for helping teach this class. We typically don’t have a class in October but these individuals were very eager to join. Please welcome them when you see them at the Boathouse :)

September Sculling Class

09/20/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 7:41 pm

Please welcome our newest members who just finished the September Sculling Class! From l to r, Belinda Beek, Brianna Allen, Mickie Christian, Ben Towner, and Audrey Barnett.

Thanks to all of the BARC members who helped out with our Try It You’ll Like It and Sculling Classes this summer.Twenty-five (25) people took our TIYLI Classes and thirty-one (31) took our 8-hour Sculling Classes.

If you see a new face around the boathouse, please say “Hi!” and introduce yourself :)



August 2012 Challenge Results

09/09/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 3:19 pm

Only 37 of BARC’s 90 members (as of 8/1/2012) logged kilometers in August, and they only logged 1645 kilometers, down sharply from the 2328 k that was logged in July. Blame it on vacations and the hot weather.

Anke was once again the winner for the month with 239 k, and she also leads YTD with 1822.5 k. Second for the month was Greg with 203 k, and last month’s winner, Bryan Snook, was 3rd with 148. Hannes was fourth with 119 k, and newcomer Jennifer Law was 5th with 102. The YTD top 5 are Anke, Greg, Hannes, Marissa and Bryan.

So far, 15162 kilometers have been logged by 55 members in 2012. I wonder what happened to the other 35 paying members of the club.

Full results can be seen here.

August Sculling Class

08/27/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 7:44 pm

Please welcome our August Sculling Class students. From l to r, Jackie Salazar, Hannah Allen, Lacey and Aaron Swarts.

End of Summer Party

08/25/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 10:07 am

BARC’s summer party was a huge success with plenty of food, drinks, and great company. A big thanks to Marilyn who hosted the party, and although the water ballet was cancelled due to lightening, we were able to get assurances from the synchronized swimmers that next year we would not be disappointed. This was combined with a goodbye party for Renee, and below, Bryan presents a photo collection to help her remember Mud lake as she is moving to row in cooler waters.

Below, Marilyn “cuts the cake”, one of the great 8’s warm up drills.

July Challenge Results

08/16/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 5:11 am

We have a new winner for July’s Challenge: Bryan Snook rowed every single day in the month of July, and logged an amazing 403 kilometers - almost 100 more Anke, who logged 308 k for the month. Anke still leads over-all with 1584 for the year. Greg Wood is in 2nd place with 998 k, and Hannes, Marissa, and Carlos rounds out the top 5. Full results can be seen here.

August Workday

08/11/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 11:46 am

Thanks to all who helped with the workday this morning, We straightened and mowed the side yard, organized and moved the workbench, swept the boathouse, discarded a lot of trash, tightened nuts and bolts, and gave the boats a good bath. The fruit, bagels, and juice provided just the needed energy boost between the morning’s row and the workday activities. Below Emily, Jen, and Claire wash one of the quads.

July Sculling Class

08/07/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 5:54 pm

Please welcome our July Sculling Class graduates! From l to r, Kipp Runkle, Daniel Cech, Rex Green, Ryan Frankenbach, Bob Schwartz, and Susan Dunn.

June 2012 Challenge Results

07/04/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 7:27 pm

June was the busiest month so far in 2012. A total of 2598 kilometers were logged. This is even more than was logged in the same month last year. 40 rowers logged their rows in June, and so far a total of 51 rowers have put their names on the list in 2012.

As usual, Anke topped the chart with 282 k logged. She is also way ahead over all with 1276 kilometers logged for the year. New rower Bryan Snook turned in some impressive numbers on only his 2nd month as a rower. He rowed 196 k in June to take 2nd place, and he is already number 12 overall with 301 k ytd.

The full list of results can be seen here.

Great Eight Independence Day Row

07/02/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 9:04 am

With many of the regular crew ailing, vacationing, or out of town on business, BARC’s great 8, supplemented with subs, Misty Hill, Holly Larson, and John Dunn introduced Ruth Shapiro to sweeping yesterday. There were a few raindrops to dodge, and the thunderclaps and lightning strikes, while distant, provided a natural fireworks display in celebration of the 4th of July, a holiday our British members refer to as Thanksgiving. Our tireless coxswain, Marilyn provided the costumes for the occasion.

June Sculling Class

06/26/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 12:50 am

Please welcome the June Sculling Class students! From l to r, Ben Valentine, Kyla Staten, Sharri Omer, Patricia Mulanovich (Victor and Patricia’s daughter), and Danielle Creason (Angela and Kevin’s daughter). Not pictured, Jackson Perry.

May 2012 Challenge Results

06/10/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 9:25 am

Things got busier at BARC in May: A total of 2171 kilometers were logged by 36 rowers, which is a big improvement over April where only 1493k were logged by 26 rowers. Winner for May was once again Anke, who also leads year-to-date. She logged 239k for May and is at 993 for the year. Greg and Carlos recorded different numbers for the first time in 1 1/2 years. Greg rowed 184 k in May to take 2nd place while Carlo’s 131 put him 5th place, Hannes took 3rd with 145 k and Louis Riley took 4th with 135. Full results can be seen here.

May Sculling Class

05/27/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 7:31 pm

Hi BARCers! Please welcome our May Sculling Class participants. They just started their classes this past Saturday so they have a few more lessons to go. They’ll be attending the Club Row Night this Thursday. Please come out to row this Thursday and welcome our newest members!

From left to right, Mannie Camacho, Joe Kappil and his sons Jojo and Jonathan, and Jennifer Law.



Space City Sprints Final Times

05/16/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Dennis @ 9:40 am

Wind and rain washed away the course, launch motors wouldn’t start, it was a late start; but overall SCS-2012 was a success in spite of everything. More pics at

The 2012 SCS Final Results may be found here.

April Sculling Class

04/24/12 | Filed under: General | Posted by: Claire @ 8:16 pm

Please welcome the students who are taking our April Sculling Class! From l to r, Bryan, Paula, Nancy, Carson and Beth.

We have a few more lessons to go since the high winds caused us to cancel one class. These students will be attending the Club Row Night on Thursday, May 3rd. Come on out and meet our newest members!

Welcome to BARC Bryan, Paula, Nancy Carson and Beth!

Spring Workday

04/15/12 Filed under: General Posted by: Dennis @ 4:38 am

A big Thank-You to all participants in the workday yesterday and special thanks to Greg Wood our Boathouse Manager for organizing it. It was a productive day. There’s now a new towel rack, all the boats were washed, the launch motors were checked and started, the sideyard was mowed, the boathouse swept, the workbench was organized, and several other activites ensued. Thanks again everyone. Below Tom adjusting the chainsaw used to cut several branches from the trees that were overhanging the boathouse.

Space City Sprints, May 12, 2012

04/07/12 Filed under: General Posted by: site admin @ 1:48 pm

BARC will host its annual regatta, the Space City Sprints on May 12, 2012. Members are encouraged to participate in the regatta as well as help with the many tasks needed to host a successful regatta. To volunteer, please contact Anke Hielscher or Greg Wood.

BARC Annual Meeting, Feb. 6, 2012

02/08/12 Filed under: General | Posted by: site admin @ 9:15 pm

As has been tradition in the past several years, BARC’s Annual Meeting was held at Ninfa’s on I 45 and Monroe St.

About 30 members showed up for the proceedings which in addition to the traditional State of the Club Speech, Financial Statement, Awards, and elections featured a birthday celebration for Hannes who turned ?? years old.

Dennis Leenhouts was re-elected President, David Nutt was re-elected Secretary, and Cliff Dasco and Bruce Meltzer were elected new Board Members-at-Large.

8 awards were given for the BARC rowing Challenge. The following rowers logged over 1000 kilometers for the year: Carlos Westhelle, 4000 k, Greg Wood, 4000 k, Anke Hielscher 2683 k, Ryan Chambers 2515 k, Alex Parkman 1613 k, Hannes Hofer 1520 k, Renee Aiello 1126 k, Cory Logan 1077 k.

As has also become tradition, Alex handed out awards to rowers who has attracted his attention for various reasons:

THE ENERGIZER BUNNY AWARD Greg Wood and Carlos Westhelle

For more details about these awards, please click here.

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